Foto: Marius Dalseg Sætre

Oslo offers a variety of outdoor life activities. Not far from the busy city there’s Oslomarka, the surrounding forest area. Marka is divided into Østmarka to the east, Lillomarka to the northwest, Nordmarka to the north and Vestmarka to the west. There also are fine hiking trails along the Oslofjord and several parks and green areas where you may go for a walk.


WHAT IS DNT OSLO & OMEGN? The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norway’s largest outdoor life organization, with in all more than 260,000 members of the 57 local member associations across the country. DNT Oslo & Omegn is the largest local member association. We aim to arrange for making the joy of outdoor experience available to as many as possible, through hiking and ski touring in woods and mountains. We do this through marking and maintaining trails, operating cabins, organizing tours, and working for the protection of outdoor life areas. Volunteer work undergirds DNT activities.